Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My New Book: Wrestling With God Without Getting Pinned

Can a Skeptic Enjoy the Bible?

Wrestling With God Without Getting Pinned is an honest struggle to apply critical thinking and practical reason to the myths and metaphors of ancient scriptures. The author believes that creative writing can be true (and in fact can offer new truths as each reader approaches a text) without being factual. Wrestling With God...is an affirmation of truth that does not demand the literary symbols of scripture be taken literally. Rather than asking religion to redeem people, the writer is asking thinking people to redeem religion so that it can be relevant in the 21st century.

Wrestling With God Without Getting Pinned: Old Stories, New Thoughts, & Progressive Spirituality offers reflections in 36 chapters on various biblical texts. For those who believed anti-intellectual literalsim (which is always selective literalism) or a complete rejection of scripture were the only two ways to deal with scripture, Wrestling With God...offers a third, honest, courageous, and often humorous way of reclaiming (and de-fanging) the bible.

"Through his commentaries on bible stories, some obscure and some Sunday School classics, Watkins teases out logical lessons from what can be rather fantastic narratives." S. Kennedy, Dallas

"Dr. Watkins uses contemporary situations and experiences to illustrate the messages of particular verses. With a level of humor that is thoroughly engaging, he breathes life into ancient texts, cutting to the heart of the true meaning, effortlessly dismantling the myths of a vengeful and angry deity and of a humanity that is considered inferior and imperfect." A. Lambert, Austin

"It has been a pleasure to read Wrestling With God...because the author has the perfect combination of wit, intellect and poetic brilliance. I am moved at one moment and laughing hysterically in another. I'm impressed by the author's scholarly but approachable analysis and writing." B. Hall, Little Rock

To purchase a copy of Wrestling With God...go to www.amazon.com and search for "Durrell Watkins"

There is also a hyper-link that will take you to the exact Amazon page at www.kweerspirit.com

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