Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Are Creators

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We Are Creators
“Knowing God comes through knowing ourselves.” Rev. Mary Mitchell

“In the beginning God created…” That’s how one of the two creation myths at the beginning of Genesis begins. Intuitively, the ancient story-teller knew that there must be a creative Intelligence behind the world of form and experience. In the beginning of creation, Something must be guiding the creative process. In the beginning of our endeavors there is a thought, a feeling, an idea, a desire that then is out-pictured as achievement, creativity, relationships, etc. When I remember that “I am the thinker who thinks the thought that creates the thing,” then I know myself to be a person of power, and I am responsible for how I use that power in my life.
We are always creating, and we get to choose how we use our creative energies.

With my words, thoughts, emotions, and intentions I am creating my world. As I realize my power and potential, I create wisely and wonderfully. And so it is.
Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins, Sunshine Cathedral

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