Thursday, August 09, 2012

Debate Over Hate?

At last night's LBGT Inclusion forum, I was honestly surprised to learn/remember that those who oppose complete LBGT equality don't see the humanity of the people they are hurting, nor are they willing to acknowledge that they are hurting people. They kept speaking about their right to disagree with our "sexual ethics" (I don't recall anyone disclosing what their sexual ethics were).

It boils down to they have decided it's wrong for love to be shared between persons of the same gender and their right to believe that gives them, they believe, the right to deny equality to those whose love and attraction isn't heteronormative.
They kept presenting it as a difference of opinion (with their opinion deserving the force of law) and those who said the legislation of their homophobic views caused pain and suffering to same-gender loving people were actually "hateful" to religious people (forgetting that at least one gay clergy person was in the room).

Very frustating that they think their prejudice deserves protection but my relationship doesn't. We still have so much work to do.

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