Thursday, August 30, 2012

Liberated and liberating spirituality

from "Spirit & Truth" magazine
Liberated & liberating spirituality
Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins
Hysterical fundamentalism is not the way into the future; it is the last gasp of the past.” Bishop John S. Spong

Christianity isn’t for me the passport that allows entry into an afterlife Paradise (could there be a more selfish reason for practicing any religion?!). Christianity isn’t for me the veneration of Jesus’ brutal execution (which I in no way attribute to a divine plan). Christianity isn’t for me the hope that Jesus will add magic to my life like a genie in a bottle granting wishes. Christianity isn’t for me an invitation to accept fear, shame, and prejudice and call them virtues. These tired, oppressive, and failed ideas have been replaced in the Christianity that I embrace today by a desire to work to create a world of peace, plenty, and equality, the “kin-dom of God”, which was, I believe, the hope and the mission of Jesus. For Christian spirituality to liberate us, we may have to liberate it from notions that no longer serve the greater good.
I pray for liberation in my thinking, in my emotions, in the way I live my life, and liberation
for all bound by fear, shame, or injustice. Amen.

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