Friday, August 10, 2012

Gay is Perfectly Normal

Some one stated on another blog that no one is born wanting to have sex with a cow (I swear, that was his statement) and then added that no on is born wanting to have sex with someone of their own gender (he seems to believe that gender is fixed and binary, I disagree).   He went on to say that homosexually is aberrant and that "sexual orientation" is a superstition (I wonder if that includes heterosexual orientation!). He then insisted that his readers face these "facts."  My response was as follows:

"No one is born wanting sex at all. Infants are not yet sexual. However, we do develop into sexual beings, and a significant percentage of every population in every era of human history (and in every animal population as well) develop same-gender love and attraction, and are probably biologically predisposed to do so. This isn't new information...The Kinsey Reports of the 40s and 50s, Dr Hooker's research in the late 50s, the American Psychiatric Asso in 1973, the American Psychological Asso in 1975, and every major mental health organization (including the World Health Organization) in the west and many throughout the entire world have confirmed this.

There is nothing aberrant about mutually beneficial and agreed upon relationships. The gender identities of those in a relationship are not what make those relationships sacred. The "fact" is that some people are gay, it's perfectly natural for them, and it harms no one to acknowledge that. You can hate gays if you want, but you can't blame nature or God. You'll have to own your own prejudice." - Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins

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