Saturday, September 01, 2012

Divine Supply

“I bow to the One who shares everything…I bow to the ever Bountiful. I bow to the Unlimited.” From the sacred songs of the Sikhs

We live in an abundant universe. Look how extravagant, even wasteful Nature is. Consider the Field of infinite possibilities. Imagine all the talent in the world, all the ideas that have been and all that will be, and consider the uncountable number of breaths you have already taken in life. When we remember how opulent life is meant to be and how generous Life really is, we can participate in the circulation of divine supply and release all fear of lack and limitation. Our good is at hand!

Prayer Treatment
My good is at hand! This is how it must be, and this is how I now allow life to unfold. Abundance is mine. I receive it. I give thanks for it. And so it is.

Durrell Watkins ("Spirit & Truth" magazine, Sept. 1, 2012)

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