Saturday, September 22, 2012

Religious Freedom isn't a Right to Oppress

Against birth control? Don't use it. Disagree with same-gender loving people getting married? Don't marry someone of your gender. As the president has said, "Religious freedom doesn't mean you get to force others to live by your beliefs." Getting a bunch of people scared of an "other" and then holding a referendum to vote against the "other" having equality isn't democracy. It's bigotry pretending to be religion and it defiles both the name of democracy and religion.

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Sam Adams said...

I've said something similar a number of times. If your religion says you can't marry the same gender, then yooouuuuuu can't marry the same gender. I still can, and if you don't like that "difference of freedoms" between us, please move to where there's a Theocracy. They're certainly still around.