Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I am

I am
“The Spirit is truthful and takes us at our word. If we say, ‘I am foolish and ignorant,’ it lets us be what we say we are.” Emma Curtis Hopkins

One of the biblical names for God is “I AM.” I wonder if that is why Jesus only followed the words “I AM” with positive statements. “I AM the true vine”, “I AM resurrection and life”, etc. Even in his most painful hour when he asks for water, he doesn’t say “I AM thirsty,” he says, “I thirst.” We can acknowledge an experience without identifying with it. What are we pulling into our I-AM-ness? When you say I AM, you are using one of God’s names; don’t use it in vain. Following Jesus’ example, always follow “I AM” with something good (and NEVER with anything negative).

Prayer Treatment
I AM a person of power. I AM wise and wonderful. I AM filled with light, love, and joy. I AM forever blessed. Amen.

Durrell Watkins
Sept. 4, 2012
Spirit & Truth Magazine

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