Monday, April 27, 2015

Another prayer for Marriage Equality

All-inclusive, unconditional, divine Love,
Eternal Mother, Father, and Friend,
Goddess of justice/Lord of liberty,
Source of peace, hope, and joy,
Omnipresent spirit of life,
Heartbeat of all people,
Field of all possibilities,
Song of the universe,
Pure consciousness,
Infinite compassion,
Inward light,

We pray today for marriage equality in the United States. It exists in many states, and in some nations, and now we dare to hope that it will be a reality throughout this country.

We pray that all loving, adult couples who wish to marry will have the opportunity to do so, that they may love and care for each other within legally recognized unions.

The US Supreme Court will hear a case and in the weeks or months that follow will make a decision that could make marriage be an equal right rather than a heterosexual privilege. And if they do so, that will be very good news for same-gender loving people all over the world.
It might inspire other countries to legalize marriage regardless of the gender identities of people in love.
It might give LBGT people hope and courage as they struggle for safety and equality in their various homelands.
And it will send a message to same-gender loving people of all ages throughout the US that the blessings and responsibilities, security and opportunities of marriage can be theirs, complete with every legal protection they deserve.

We stand at the threshold of a great, new day.
Let the sacred value of all people be affirmed.
Let the dignity of every person be recognized.
Let the goodness of mutual love be celebrated.
Let there be liberty and justice for ALL.

In the names of lovers and healers, justice workers and peacemakers,
in the names of those who have been vilified, marginalized, persecuted or oppressed simply because they were gay or lesbian,
in the names of all who have dared to speak out in favor of justice-love and equality,
in the names of all who have “come out”,
in the names of those who longed to “come out” but somehow could not,
in the names of those who refused to give up religion even when religion seemed to give up on them,
in the names of every loving couple who formed a spiritual marriage even though the state would not recognize it,
in the names of those who never gave up hope that marriage equality would come to pass and that love would prevail,
in the names of all helpers of humanity we pray.


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