Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Resumes Matter in Politics

I hate to sound elitist (not enough to prevent myself from sounding elitist)...but resumes matter. The people of my homeland (AR) elected Asa Hutchinson (or failed to vote, which is even worse) knowing that he is a graduate of Bob Jones University (founded by someone who was not himself a college graduate for the sole purpose of making sure Conservative Christians wouldn't be "contaminated" by such scientific discoveries as evolution), a bastion of fundamentalism, misogyny, racism, and homophobia. If he has not publicly and repeatedly repudiated his undergraduate indoctrination, then one should assume that his biases are usually in favor of oppressive positions and policies. We must know WHO we are voting for, and, we must VOTE. Otherwise, the foolishness of Mike H and Asa H will be standard fare. Young people tend to be more progressive, but also more disenfranchised from the political process. We have to get our young liberal supporters to the voting booth!!! (even as the Far Right attempts to make voting less convenient)

I understand that in response to public outcry, he has sent the Religious Freedom bill back to the legislature for some clean up work (so, hooray for raising our voices), but it should come as no surprise that without such public protests the onerous bill would probably have been enacted without delay.

Meanwhile, there is more work to do. About half the country now has similar laws that have passed or are being proposed. Freedom of Religion is already guaranteed in this country. We don't need religious freedom laws which are usually nothing more than an attempt to legalize discrimination against marginalized groups of people. 

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