Friday, April 24, 2015

Fundamentalists, Please, Just Stop

I can't stand it! Would the hateful fundies of the world just crawl into a hole somewhere, please! First of all, read a book for crap's sake! You don't get to call same-gender love and attraction a "destructive lifestyle"...overeating is a destructive lifestyle, not exercising is a destructive lifestyle, drinking to excess is a destructive lifestyle, but getting weak in the knees at the sight of a sweaty muscle man (or sweaty muscle woman for the lesbians) is just life; and falling in love with anyone, regardless of gender identities, is just damn special - a wonderful blessing! No credible mental health organization would agree that same-gender attraction is disordered. So, mean ol' fundies, you're just making shit up and please quit it.
And secondly, "the word of god" that is supposed to settle the matter in favor of your bigotry also tells us that Noah's family with their limited gene pool repopulated the entire earth (after creating a floating zoo big enough for every species), that a chatty snake fooled a naive couple into eating magic fruit which somehow screwed up the whole world, that a 90 year old woman got knocked up (don't get me started on pregnant virgins), that some dude lived inside a fish for half a week (as so often happens), that angels seduced a bunch of women (and their off-spring were diabolical giants), that Lot had incest with both of his daughters after offering them to a rape gang (and that story is supposed to be one of the "proofs" that god hates gays!), that pork chops and shrimp cocktail are sin-food, that Jesus snatched his pal Lazarus out of heaven just because he missed him...
The point is...NO ONE takes everything in the bible literally (even the most marginal sanity would forbid it), so to pretend that your misreading of half a dozen verses that are 2000-3000 years old "proves" that gay is naughty just makes you look ridiculous. Enough with the biblical gay bashing (and every other kind). Seriously, just freaking enough.
Slow exhale...

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