Monday, April 27, 2015

Prayers for Marriage Equality

Invocation by Durrell Watkins
One: Equality is on our minds today, Holy One. We are grateful for the victories we have won. We are hopeful for the future. We spend this hour in this holy place praying for marriage equality, praying for justice, praying for good news, in your many names. 
All: Amen.

Prayer for SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision by Durrell Watkins
One: Goddess of Love, Lord of Life,
Mother of Possibilities, Father of Hope,
Spirit of Justice, Wind of Positive Change,
Fire of Courage, Wave of Right Relationship,
Ground of All Being,
We dare to embrace optimism today.
We choose to believe that Right Action is at hand.
We pray for the Supreme Court to protect the rights of all people, to uphold the ideal of liberty and justice for ALL.
We affirm that marriage equality is right and good, and it must and it will become the law of the land.
The time is right. Let Love prevail! In the name of all that is good and holy we pray. 
All: Amen.

Inter-religious Litany for Marriage Equality by Durrell Watkins 

(using Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist sources)
One: Baruch ata Adonai Eloheinu…
All: Blessed are you, our sovereign God!
One: We know that love is divine.
All: And so we pray for love to prevail, for all genuine, mutual love to be recognized and protected.
One: Om gum ganapatayei namaha.
All: We revere That Which is Holy and we know It can remove all obstacles and grant us blessings.
One: Om mani padme hum.
All: May compassion and loving-kindness guide the leaders of our nation.
One: Nam myoho renge kyo.
All: We are devoted to the Law of Love.
One: Gate gate paragate, parasamgate bhodi svaha.
All: We will keep moving forward, all the way to enlightenment and joy.
One: All shall be well; all shall be well…
All: And all manner of things shall be well.
One: We pray for marriage equality.
All: We pray for liberty and justice for all.
One: Alleluia! Shanti. Shalom. Blessed be.
All: Amen.

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