Saturday, April 07, 2007

Feeling Reveals Thinking

"Our feelings let us know what we're thinking." - Marci Shimoff

Thoughts seem to be at the root of most experiences. But it has been said that we can think as many 60,000 thoughts per day! How can we control so many thoughts? How can we even be aware of all of them?

Our conscious thoughts are easy to figure out. I just thought to write the previous sentence. Then I did it. Then I remembered doing it. Conscious thoughts are easy. But we also have subconscious thoughts. How do we know if they are pleasant, optimistic, constructive, useful, etc.? We know by our feelings. Thoughts produce feelings (not the other way 'round). So, if we are feeling badly, we must be having habitually negative thoughts.

The cure is to meditate (clearing the mind), to affirm our Good, to read positive material, hang out with pleasant people, listen to uplifting music, etc. Filling our minds with good thoughts will produce good feelings. So, when our feelings are positive we know we have developed the habit of thinking positive thoughts.

Let's continue to work on our thoughts and monitor our feelings. The results are on the way.

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