Monday, April 23, 2007

Repeating Past Mistakes

I'm watching a documentary on PBS...not really watching, just having it on while doing other things. The topic is about an unjust, unwinable, unnecessary war draining American resources and morale. I assume, naturally enough, that it is a news expose' about our war in Iraq. Sounds pretty spot on to me. I was stunned into paying closer attention when I realized the program was talking about the Vietnam War!

Something struck me in that instant:
If there were lessons to learn from the mistakes of Vietnam, this country did not learn them. In our arrogance, we continue to think that we can bully the world into doing things our way. Sometimes, the world, or portions of it, resists and even pushes back. Not learning from the heartache of previous conflicts has left us in the middle of new, needless conflicts. Lives and goodwill have been tragically lost. One wonders if we'll "get it" this time. Let's hope.

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