Sunday, April 29, 2007

We've Got the Power

Magic - Sometimes spelled "magick" is the belief that one can use the power of mind, emotion, and the forces and rhythms of nature (sometimes symbolized by mythological deities) to bring about desired results such as healing, wealth, romance, or protection. Magic(k) assumes that conditions can improve.

Positive Thinking - the belief that the subconscious mind directs most of our actions and even influences conditions in our lives. By practicing optimistic conscious thinking, the subconscious mind eventually develops the habit of looking for happy, harmonious possibilities in life. The result of habitual positive thinking is that one makes the most of unfortunate situations and actually reduces the number of unfortunate situations. Achievement becomes more likely most of the time as a result.

New Thought - the idea that there is one Mind or Universal Intelligence that is accessible to every person. The one Mind or Intelligence or Presence or Power in the Universe, expressing as the Universe and as all intelligent life within the Universe is able to produce absolutely anything. So, by recognizing one's unity with Infinite Mind, one is able to use one's own mind (as a part of the one Mind) to be, have, or do whatever is desirable. The New Thought person seeks to attract or manifest his or her good by knowing it already exists in the field of all possibilities and through the power of intention bring it to the realm of experience.

Word-Faith - a Pentecostal movement that holds onto some very revivalist/evangelical (and at times even fundamentalist) beliefs, while also believing that faith is a force that can be activated by the spoken word to accomplish any good thing. Believing Jesus' death to be an atoning sacrifice, Word-Faith adherents also believe the atonement isn't merely the forgiveness of sins or the assurance of after-life bliss. The atonement includes prosperity and good health. So, when there is lack or disease, it is viewed as an evil power (the Devil/Satan) trying to rob the believer of what is rightfully hers/his, but the good can be recovered by the power of faith. Believing the atonement includes health and abundance the believer claims this as his/her truth and affirms (or "confesses") God wants him/her to prosper and enjoy good health. This builds the believer's confidence in the abundant life and attracts blessings to him/her.

These are only four movements that seem to believe in the Law of Attraction. They understand it differently and describe how it works in different terms, but each trusts that an individual need not be a powerless victim of circumstance. Process Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Transpersonal Psychology, Eastern Mystical traditions, and New Age beliefs (including angelology, divination with tarot cards, healing with crystals, etc.) are also movements that believe that one can somehow summon power and direct that power for one's benefit and for the benefit of others.

Pick a movement (or a movement and a complimentary movement), any movement(s), but start to realize that you are a powerful being with the ability to improve your life and our world. We are powerful. Let's recognize and claim our power and then use it wisely and for the good of our world. The world needs us to wake up and to live in the power that is ours.

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