Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ban on Black Cats

Did you read about the temporary ban on black cats in Idaho? During the Halloween season, the Humane society in northern Idaho won't allow the adoption of black cats for fear that they will be used in "satanic" rituals.

I'm glad I didn't land on this planet as a black cat in Idaho needing a home at Halloween time! To adopt a pet one must be screened. If someone appeared to have less than noble intentions (regardless of what the calendar said), that person would probably (and definitely should) be denied the chance to adopt any animal.

I realize there are mean people in the world who do crazy things (like hurting people and animals and the environment - but enough about our government), but let's not punish cats because our unchecked superstitions say they are the boogie man's beast of choice.

Screen all applicants and help all animals in need of good homes find safe and loving places to be - 365 days a year.

These thoughts come to you from the adoptive parent of TWO black cats (myahahahaha).

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Justin said...

Hey, its true that many people adopt black cats to torture them during Halloween!! And hey you can check out this post on black cats. I hope u'll like it...