Saturday, October 21, 2006


I forget that its all energy. A desk. A diamond. Lead. Gold. Me. Everything is just a pattern of energy and information. Of course there are smarter ways of breaking that down. I should probably mention atomic and subatomic particles and the fact that really the particles are just energy too, blah blah blah. Science bores me (and my high school grades will testify to that fact). But when I remember, when I allow myself to think about it...

We are energy beings in an energy world. We occupy a Universe of energy. No wonder magic and prayer and quantum physics and various other modalities seem to work miracles. If we can let ourselves get past the illusion of material reality (by illusion I mean that it isn't ultimately real...matter doesn't last; it eventually decays and returns to, well, energy), then we sense a vast realm of infinite possibilities where thoughts and intentions are part of the energy field and can manifest as matter and experience. We really are sacred. We really are divine. We really are powerful. Jesus knew what he was saying when he declared "The Universe and I are one" (he called the big U "Abba" which we usually translate as "Father"). But its true. The Universe and I are one. The Universe and you are one. You and I are one. It's all one infinite energy-field and its forever.

So let's start using some of this awesome power for the good of our world. France, the US, China, Russia, the UK, Iran, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Israel, and God knows who else have nuclear weapons. Isn't that disturbing that 9 or more countries have weapons of mass destruction (and ironic that apparently Iraq never did and yet we send people to die there every day because we were told they did - but I digress). Global warming, homophobia, domestic violence, AIDS...there is so much discord and fear and vengeance and other yucky stuff. What if we believed we could make a change?

We can. Our prayers are energy. Our money is energy. Our love is energy. It's all energy. So when we vote or worship or contribute to worthy causes or share our time or say a prayer or dare to hope...we are using our energy, the energy of Life in constructive ways. When enough of us do that consistently enough for long enough, we will have created a very new and much needed world. We can do it. And we must.

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