Monday, October 23, 2006


Halloween is fast approaching. It's a fun holiday full of fantasy and make believe and dress up. It's a day when magic seems possible and the doors between worlds appear to be left ajar. There is an exciting energy to the holiday.

However, there are those who believe that Halloween is a day of evil, where goblins and devils really seek to harm the innocent and where nefarious forces try to lure troubled teens to the "dark side." Of course, if you believe Halloween, or Christmas, or Ground Hog Day, or Last Thursday is evil, then you will likely experience it to be so. Our minds are powerful, and if we believe something strongly enough, we will often experience that something in some fashion.

The truth is, we don't need to be suspicious of Halloween. It can be just another day for some of us. It can be a fun night of parties or "trick-or-treating" for others. It can be a silly excuse to visit a "Haunted House" and experience the thrill of a manufactured fright. Or for some, it is even a holy day where they revere the energies of life and honor their loved ones who have died. Like any day or any season, Halloween can mean many things and mostly what it means is what we decide it means.

Halloween isn't evil, unless we bring evil intentions to it. It's just a day on our calendar and we can make of it what we will. It can be a fun day, a holy day, or just another day. As with most things, the power lies in our minds.

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