Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Road to Hell

If we're going to hell in a hand basket, I hope someone remembered to pack some lemonade. A chronically ill cave dweller sent some brainwashed wackos to New York and DC 5 years ago to fly planes into buildings. This homicidal nutjob was a Saudi citizen hanging out in Afghanistan, so of course, we attacked Iraq.

Fast forward half a decade. The chronically ill cave dweller is still safe and sound in some Afghan cave. We're still ass deep in Iraq. More of the world hates us than ever before, but at least during our "war on terror" another rubber room candidate has tested a nuclear bomb. Are we feeling safe yet?

Look, I know the minority who illegally placed George W. in office 6 years ago and the slim and suspect majority that said he could stay 2 years ago were really voting for Jesus and against queers, for mom, the flag, puppies, postcard-esque sunsets and sanctified acts of torture and against the evils of religious tolerance, wimpy diplomacy, baby-killing abortionists and the pinko lefties who want to provide social programs for the babies that are born in a world where 6% of the planet's population controls almost all the world's wealth. But let's breathe for a minute and ask ourselves honestly, did our theocratic dreams create a safer, more prosperous world?

I'm not cracking on the Flat Earth Society, really. Hey, there are those who might find my world of Reiki, Science of Mind, Motorcycle Diaries, Angel Therapy, Tarot readings, and internet gay radio to be a bit strange or over the top. Live and let live, right? Well, that's just the point. Let live for Christsake! Enough with the wars. Enough with the torture. Enough with the executions. Enough with the revenge. Enough with the fascist attempts to limit civil liberties in the name of national security.

Things have gotten scarier and creepier and crazier in the Bushiverse. Can't we finally say, "Everyone who wants public displays of the 10 commandments and prayer in schools and nativity sets on courthouse lawns - we get it. You love your religious views and you take them seriously and you're entitled to them and you should be respected for living them out so passionately. But please, can we separate church and state again, and take religious fervor out of government? Voting our faith instead of our intellects or even our conscience has gotten us in a lot of trouble. We'll applaud your faith if you'll release our government and start voting for smart, competent, qualified people again"?

Pick a political party, any political party, but let it be political and not religious. The road to hell is paved with religious sentiment, and if we go too much farther down that road, there may be no turning back.

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Richard Bunyan said...

In an interesting article in this morning's (Thursday, October 19) Washington Post, we learn that nine former Republican officials in Kansas, of all places, have switched their party affiliation to become Democrats. The article is at
The reasons are the same ones that caused many of us to identify with the Democratic party years ago.