Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gen. Pace...Another Embarrassing Moment in US History

The Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has said that homosexuality is "immoral" and defended the U.S. Military's homophobic policies. In our long, sad history of excluding or even targeting marginalized groups while claiming to be the "freest" country, the land of opportunity, the nation to which we pledge "liberty and justice for ALL" we still haven't learned that anytime we label the "Other" as less than human, less than equal, less than full citizens, unworthy of equal, human rights, history always judges us harshly and in time we must change our view.

We once denied women the vote - how foolish must we feel about that now.
We once demanded racial segregation in parts of this country - how embarrassed we must be now.
We once participated in the evil institution of slavery - how we must be ashamed to look back on that moment in history.
We once decided that the native inhabitants of this land were not entitled to live freely on it, in control of their homes, their nations, their destinies. Once again, not our best moment.
We once incarcerated American citizens of Japanese heritage simply because of their race and ethnicity during WW2. Another shameful period in American history.

One day (let it be soon), we will look back on our anti-gay hysteria and our unfair treatment of same-gender loving people, and we will experience shame once again.

Equality. Fairness. Treating others the way we want to be treated. These are easy concepts to grasp, and they are the hallmarks of a civilized nation. I honestly hope we get there soon. In the meantime, General Pace, offer an apology. The foolishness has to stop sometime. Why not with you?

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