Monday, March 12, 2007

Questions & More Questions: A Ninety Second Play by Durrell Watkins

A: Do you believe in God?
B: There is life, and the inter-connectedness of all living beings. It doesn't hurt to call it all "God."

A: Was Jesus God?
B: Jesus expressed life dramatically.
A: So, was he God?
B: If God is all, then Jesus was certainly part of God - a God filled person.
A: That's a yes?
B: Yes. No. Maybe. Does it matter?
A: I thought it did.
B: Then, yes, sure. Jesus is as good a symbol as any other for the Sacredness of life.

A: Does Jesus save?
B: Anyone who helps you express hope, appreciate life, and share love is a savior.
A: How's that?
B: If someone helps to liberate you from despair or fear or self-loathing, they've saved you, haven't they?
A: Forever?
B: What's forever? Now's good enough for me.

A: Do you know Jesus?
B: The spirit of Jesus is very present. I've engaged that spirit. So have you.
A: How do you know?
B: We're talking about him. That makes him here in our imagination, our thoughts, our consciousness. If he's here with us, we must know him, at least somewhat.

A: You make it all too simple.
B: You make it all too hard.
A: Aren't you afraid of Hell?
B: Fear is Hell.

A: I'm skeptical.
B: Wonderful! Stay that way if you can.

(c) Durrell Watkins, 2007
Sunshine Cathedral

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Pastor Peters said...

I like this, honey. I mean, you know I would. But, I like it.

And I miss New York. When are you coming to Boston?

Pastor Peters said...

I like this. I mean, you must not find that surprising. You know I would like this. But, you should know that I like it. So there. I like it.

Oh, but I miss you. When are you coming to Boston?