Thursday, March 01, 2007

Journey to Divinity

“…God became human and…human beings became God and sharers in the divine nature. The only-begotten Son of God…[took] our nature on itself and became human in order to make humans gods.” - St. Thomas Aquinas

After Jesus’ baptism, the tradition goes, he went into the wilderness to battle temptation. He emerged from the experience, we’re told, ready to begin a ministry that would change the world. The angels of his higher nature ministered to him; he defeated the doubts and fears of the Ego, and embraced the truth of his oneness with the Source of all Life, all Good. Jesus’ wilderness journey helped him wake up to his own divine greatness. May our Lenten journeys do the same for us.

[By Durrell Watkins, published in Spirit & Truth, March 2007]

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