Thursday, March 08, 2007

Losing 1/5 of a Pound per day...Why Bother?!

Started my eat less move more regimen on Fat Tuesday (ironically) - a day early for Lent. 7 days later i had lost not a single ounce and was ready to commit mass homicide (any excuse, right?).

However - its now 16 or so days later and I have lost 5 lbs.
painfully slow...1/5 of a pound a day or so. Why bother. Down from 211 to 206 which still seems huge. But, strangely, feeling more flexible, sleeping like a rock, off of both anti-depression meds and high blood pressure meds (got an OK from a psychiatrist to go chemical free - after i had already done it! and having my chiropractor check my BP each week when I go see her...if it gets crazy I'll go back to the MDeity to get back on the BP meds). So far, so good.

Usually a Slimfast for breakfast, no alcohol (except at social functions - church related cocktail parties where its mandatory, then i'll have a vodka tonic or two), 6" a veggie delight on whole wheat or honey oat bread from Subway for lunch (or chicken salad sandwich and soup at Lester's or garlic chicken and rice at our fave Thai place or some similarly reasonably portioned fairly light meal), early dinner of whatever I want (but not 2nd helpings, huge portions, or dessert), an hour in the gym, and later if I feel peckish, some yogurt or popcorn or fruit or juice or chips and salsa...not always diet stuff, but usually pretty safe. Trying to keep it to one soda a day, but sometimes a second one provides irresistible temptation.

This is 10th diet, or is it 20th, in adulthood.
I was 155# in High School.
165# in college.
180# in my 20's until I got on a workout kick, and then dropped to about 170#.
Then, Thirty hit (like a hurricane), and its been 188 - 211 ever since. I'll get sick of it...exercise and diet, drop 5 or 10 pounds, feel good about it, somehow get off the plan and gain 11-15. Its a sick and twisted and disgusting and depressing trend. Maybe this time its gonna happen; maybe this time I'll win. Whoops - sorry, channeled Sally Bowles for a minute.

Anyway, the last nutritionist I saw in NYC (I curse her still), said I should be about 167#...I would settle for 180# and would be damned proud of 175#. That's only 31 more lbs to go. Christ. Now i'm sad again. Need a twinkie. Pray for me (which of course means, sing a show tune in my honor).

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Durrell said...

my oldest, dearest friend wrote me in response to "pray for me (which means sings a show tune in my honor)", saying, "I thought that was praying TO you." I love that some people truly get me.