Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What Else is There?

“The world is illusory; [God] alone is real. [God] is the world.” - Sri Ramana Maharshi

“The Godhead completely transcends all worlds and thus completely includes all worlds.” - Ken Wilbur

Catholics receive the Eucharist, believing that the bread has transubstantiated into the real body of the Lord. Pentecostals refer to themselves as “spirit-filled,” while many evangelicals will confess that Jesus dwells in their hearts. How can billions of people all receive Jesus’ body? How can one Spirit indwell countless Pentecostal believers? How can Jesus live in so many “born-again” hearts? Aren’t these idioms really saying, “I am one with my Source, and one with all who also share this Source”? The metaphors point beyond themselves to a universal truth: We are all one. There is One Reality, nothing else, and we each share equally in the One.

(c) Durrell Watkins, 2007
First published in Sunshine Cathedral's Spirit & Truth magazine

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