Saturday, November 25, 2006

Borat is Genius

Saw the controversial film "Borat."
The film's in your face anti-semitism, homophobia, sexism, classism, and willingness to make fun of fundamentalist religion, anti-intellectualism, and the shallow worship of a Hollywood icon all show these things as they exist in America.

The character Borat is making a film for his developing country and goes to New York to learn how his country can improve. While in the Big Apple he falls in love with Pamela Anderson from Baywatch and makes a trek across country to find her in California. Along the way he films his adventures and though "Borat" is a fictional character most of the people he encounters are unsuspecting real people who believe he is a legitmate foreign film maker. Trusting the character, these people show who they are and what they believe. The end result is something that gives the USA more of a black eye than it does Sacha Noam Baron Cohen (the creator of Borat who plays the role).

Cohen in his role of Borat has shown how much the US is still gripped by bigotry, suspicion of the "other" and fear of new information and change. Cohen has shown that the US is still a relatively young country with some growing up yet to do.

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