Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Planet Got Demoted

I was born November 15, 1966. This means that I am Scorpio, and though I'm no astrologist, I do check my horoscope now and again. Society, genes, karma/habit energy, chance, maybe even the stars all influence our feelings and choices. And yet, I also believe that we can choose our thoughts and thoughts feed our feelings and how we feel is how we tend to experience life. So, forces beyond me may deal the hand I play, but I still have the power to play the hand strategically and enjoy the game and maybe even win.

Still, for all my self-reliance and positive thinking I find the zodiac as personal myth, psuedo-science, spiritual psychology, or collection of cultural archetypes to be interesting. And that brings me to my question of today.

As a Scorpio, my ruling planet (or influencing planet) is Pluto, that distant, cold world named for the Lord of the Underworld. Pluto represents what is buried, or the subconscious or deep emotions. Of course the underworld could be dull, tortoreous, or blissful, depending on one's character in life. So the image isn't one that strikes fear in a Scorpio's heart. It just symbolizes depth and hidden possibilities.

But now Pluto has been downgraded. It's a sub-planet or mini-planet or planet-wannabe. I believe the official verbiage is "dwarf planet." If its not really a planet, does it still influence me? Can it still represent all the dark, mysterious, and mostly groovy things I have always attributed to it?

Of course, some signs have the sun or the moon as their ruling planet, so a planet need not be a planet in the zodiac bidness. But still, it is a bit of a let down when one's influential planet gets demoted. That's something that may be hard for proud Scorpio to accept, unless the sign of transformation figures out a way to see it all as a deep mystery that only the brilliant Scorpio mind can fathom and enjoy. Yeah, that's it. And the power of positive thinking saves the day again!

The stars guide me while leaving me the power to navigate my own journey and create my own destiny. I love having my cake and eating it too. How Scorpio of me (with my cute, magical, special, unique dwarf planet).

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