Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Present Moment

When I left my condo this morning at 9 AM it was 52 degrees. Now at 2 PM it is up to 63. I have every window open, an oscillating fan blowing on "low," and enjoying the sunny, breezy, cool afternoon here in South Florida in late November.

I've taken most of the day off from work to take care of errands here at home in preparation for Thanksgiving. But even as I work to get our guest room actually guest-ready, I need to stop and notice the beautiful autumn (though still very green and sunny) day and just feel gratitude for my life.

I'm alive.
I'm alive here.
I'm alive now.
Right here. Right now. This moment. That's all that really is and if I'm not careful I'll miss it. So, I pause to be mindful of the moment I have, and when I do that I am naturally filled with wonder and gratitude and joy.

The holidays can be stressful and we all live increasingly busy lives. But there is always a moment just to be. Give yourself that moment; what else is there?

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