Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gay News This Week

"Doogie Houser" (Neil Patrick Harris) comes out as a gay man. I'm delighted whenever someone uses their celebrity status to bring tolerance and understanding to the world. The handsome and talented Harris puts a warm smile and attractive personality forward. When people like Harris come out, they show a real person who we can feel like we know and want to like rather than just letting sexuality be an "issue" for people to argue about. Harris is a real person and his real life is that of a same-gender loving person. That places it at a different level than an "issue," "opinion," or "belief." Good for him.

Other news this week - The Episcopal Church installs their new primate, the first woman ever to head a province of the Anglican Communion. The Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori personally believes in gay marriage, but says she won't push her personal beliefs. That's too bad. We need allies who will actively try to educate people and use their influence for progress, rather than trying to protect "unity" or the status quo. Unity that is maintained by who it excludes or condemns is obscene.

Finally, evangelical leader Ted Haggard now admits to buying drugs and hiring a male prostitute. BUT, he claims to have not used the drugs and only received a massage from the escort. I'm sure there is more to the story than is being told and unfortunately, more will be revealed which will hurt his family, his career, and his church. But what we can all learn from this is what the 12 Steppers have always told us: We are as sick as our secrets. Closeted living is not healthy and it causes people to make regrettable choices. Perhaps these recent events will cause conservative Christians to re-think their gay-bashing, homophobic positions and entertain the possibility that human sexuality is diverse and complex and cannot be boiled down to a few simple THOU SHALT NOTS.

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~Dawn said...

Doogie Houser" (Neil Patrick Harris) comes out as a gay man

I think the only thing that would make these 'outings' more interesting to the news nowadays would be:

Doogie Houser" (Neil Patrick Harris) comes out as a gay WOMAN