Saturday, November 04, 2006

Healing for Haggard

Between the neo-fascists in our government and our ubiquitous technology, privacy is a thing of the past. People who live in the fish bowl need to learn that it is now almost impossible to hide anything.

That having been said, I do hope something good comes from this. I hope the Religious Right begins to rethink its sex negative and homophobic rhetoric. It doesn't prevent same-sex love, attraction, or activity. It only causes people to hide their activity and lie about their lives. When they get caught, they are then judged as hypocrites. When religion becomes what it can offer to enrich life rather than who or what it can oppose or condemn, life will be better for all of us and scandals will be harder to produce.

Finally, though I disagree with the homophobic rhetoric and political activity of Mr. Haggard, I take no pleasure in his fall. I'm sorry that he felt the need to say one thing and do another; that level of self-hatred is the result of homophobic religion. He is as much a victim as a perpetrator in all this. I also feel for his family who must be humiliated and hurt by these recent disclosures. I wish healing for all of them and for a more tolerant and inclusive Church and State.

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