Monday, November 06, 2006


If you live in the U.S., then tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 7) is election day. It's not a presidential election, that's still two years off. But it is an important election. We'll elect the entire House of Representatives. We'll elect 1/3 of the Senate. We'll elect governors and mayors and members of city councils. We'll elect judges and school boards. We'll elect leaders who collectively can make a profound difference in our lives. We'll pass or reject initiatives of local and regional importance.

I know the common rhetoric: "My vote doesn't count." Well, not if you don't cast it! Of course, your candidate may not win. We can't know who will win until all the votes are cast and counted. But give your candidate every chance; give her or him the benefit of your vote. Even if the candidate you prefer loses, your vote could make the vote closer, which sends a message. And wise leaders pay attention to such messages.

Here's another one: "'They' will just steal the election anyway." It's true that irregularities are possible; but if we all participate in our system of government, the irregularities will be few and far between. And even if mass corruption was a reality and elections were routinely "stolen" (I don't believe this to be the case), then at least make the mysterious conspirators go to the trouble of stealing them. Don't just hand them the keys to the kingdom.

In the end, whatever our political party or socio-economic class, we won't always get who we want. I have spent my entire adult life voting for people who don't win the race. Still, I vote. Still, I write letters to my representatives. Still, I have spoken at community forums. Still, I make contributions to grass roots organizations. Still, I sign petitions. I've even joined in a protest or two. I always have the gratification of knowing I did my part even if my view doesn't carry the day. And sometimes, my candidate does win, and I have the added satisfaction of knowing I was part of the victory.

Make an informed decision, support the candidates who will best represent liberty and justice and good stewardship and take pride in being part of the process. There is no charge to vote, but the cost of not voting is too high, and its a price we all pay.

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, VOTE!!!

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