Sunday, August 26, 2007


Our church has a wonderful practice whereby the homilist invites people forward to the altar while the congregation sings an uplifting song. At the altar, the people are anointed with oil (a symbol of divine grace or the limitless spirit of life) and the homilist then says a prayer for every person to receive the blessings of hope, happiness, health, prosperity, etc. The prayer time concludes with the homilist saying a series of affirmations. The congregation repeats each affirmation and then there is a joyous "exchange of peace" where people greet one another.

I was the homilist today and below are the affirmations that I led the congregation in saying after my prayer for those who came forward for anointing:

I take my place at God’s Table.
I receive God’s gift of healing.
I receive God’s gift of hope.
I receive God’s gift of abundance.
I receive God’s gift of joy.
What I want for myself, I want for all people.
And the gifts I receive, I gladly share.
In Jesus’ name.

I believe in affirmations...they are the seeds we plant in the fertile ground of consciousness and properly nurtured they are bound to produce good results. Of course, every thought and verbalized statement is an affirmation, but when we intentionally affirm our good, we are establishing new patterns of positive thinking that will lead to the good attitudes that create a better life. I encourage everyone to use affirmations to create the life they deserve and desire.

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