Saturday, August 04, 2007

Choosing Happiness

If we feel good, then life is good. What is the secret to feeling good? Our thoughts generate our feelings and we can choose our thoughts. To hold a thought that creates a happy feeling is to choose to be happy. And if we are happy, then life is good. In fact, whatever we think about all day is what we become. So, as we think thoughts of plenty, joy, achievement, harmony, right relationships, creativity, and self-worth those are the experiences we attract. But regardless of experiences, as long as we are happy, life is good. When fear or regret or resentment come to mind, let's choose to replace those thoughts with thoughts of forgiveness or hope or peace. The thought will produce a feeling, and a good feeling is what we really want. "Don't worry; be happy" may seem overly simplistic, and yet it offers true wisdom. Anxiety brings misery. We can choose to think thoughts that produce happy feelings, and happy feelings sustained translate into a happy life. What more could we possibly want?

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