Saturday, August 18, 2007

Divine Healing

God is all that is. I believe that. The divine Energy of life is what expresses as all that is, seen and unseen and it is this Life Principle that is both omnipresent and everlasting. So, when we affirm "God is all and all is well," we are actually making a statement of fundamental truth. God is all that is, and God is whole, perfect and complete.

God is the name I am using, but It doesn't care what we call It. The Tao te Ching says, "The Tao that can be named is not the Tao," and in the Hebrew Bible, Moses is told to refer to the Divine as the One that is and will be ("I Am that I am," or, "I Am what I will be"). Naming the Unnamable is for our benefit. The Principle of Life is, regardless of what we call It, and it is whole and perfect. If the Source and Substance of life is whole and perfect, and if it is everywhere and at all times present, and if it is expressing as all that is, then the truth of all that is must be perfect wholeness.

When I speak of truth I'm not referring to facts. Dis-ease, fear, pain...these may be facts, but they are not the truth. That is, they are present as appearances or as experiences, but those facts can and ultimately must change. Like a dream that seems very real in the moment it is being experienced but disappears immediately upon waking and often can't even be remembered, "facts" are not real, not in an ultimate sense. Truth is real, and Truth is perfect, whole and complete. So, even when facts suggest lack or limitation or dis-ease, we can know the Truth which is that God is perfect Wholeness and God is all that is, so God must be the Truth of my being. God can't be sick, so sickness isn't my truth. Even if it is a fact of the moment, it isn't the truth of me because I am an expression of the One and the One is whole and perfect. As I know, really know my Truth, the undesirable facts of my life begin to change and my experiences start to reflect my Truth.

And so, for whoever may need it tonight, I remind you of your Truth. The Truth is the Principle of Life is not diseased, it knows no pain or lack or fear, and that Principle is expressing in, through, and as you. Your Truth is perfect wholeness. Know the Truth, and remembering your Truth will make you free. Divine Healing is possible, indeed, it is guaranteed. At some point in our evolution, either on this plane or another, we must remember and express our Truth, and the Truth is that God is all and all is well.

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