Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fat As I Ain't

Several months ago, with equal parts sarcastic wit and self-pity, I wrote about my slightly premature middle-age spread. I joked about it and affirmed self-worth in spite of the lbs, but there was undeniable frustration as I hit an all time high of 212#.

Of course, I never just embraced the flab with gladness. My Lenten discipline was daily exercise. Slim-fast is a much more common breakfast for me than bacon and eggs. And there have been plenty of "ideal weight" affirmations, but I remained pretty stuck.

Then about a month ago, I attend a New Thought conference. Now, New Thought is not new to me...I have studied New Thought in one form or another for 2 decades, and for most of that time have employed it to some degree in my life. But being at a conference where I was immersed in this positive philosophy and where I was surrounded by hundreds of others who are studying and applying New Thought principles in their own lives seems to have had a consciousness raising effect on me. And, I attended the conference with someone, so since he had a similar experience, we have been able to encourage one another since, reminding each other of the powerful experience we had.

Now, four weeks later, I find myself 10 pounds lighter. Each day I'm having Slim-fast for breakfast, a Weight Watchers entree for lunch, a regular dinner with reasonable portions (or a Lean Cuisine entree) for dinner, one soda, and midafternoon some popcorn or low fat pudding for a snack. I take Chromium Picolinate as a supplement (along with a multi-vitamin). At night I've been doing some light exercise at home...pushups, jumping jacks, stretches...15 minutes worth 4 or 5 nights per week. Now, none of this is new...I've done some or all of these things dozens of times before. But this time, the weight is coming off!

The only thing I've done differently is change my thinking and feeling. Somehow, I have accepted that I can and will lose the weight. I have decided that I want to be more fit and more trim and more flexible and its happening. It's no longer a wish or a regret, it is a decision, and once I become clear about it, my subconscious mind dutifully said, "Okey Dokie."

This week, I've been so encouraged by the success, I've increased my exercise. I now intend to go to the gym three days a week and do brisk walking on the other days, and I have workout partners to help me stay motivated.

I've been 10-30 pounds over weight for a decade, and the last couple of years have been the worst. But now, I'm only 18 pounds overweight and I have confidence that the healthy trend of sensible weight loss will continue. I've lost inches from my middle and I have more energy these days. I seem to have made up my mind finally, and (as I know works), what my mind conceives and my heart believes, I will achieve.

Whenever change is needed, the answer is a change of mind (a change in consciousness). Affirmations, reading positive literature, surrounding ourselves with like-minded positive people eventually takes root in the subconcious and when that happens, the change will occur.

Losing a few pounds and a few inches may seem like a small demonstration, but its the very demonstration I have been wanting and this success reminds me that I can do more. The journey continues, not only to my ideal weight but to my ideal life. It's already mine in the field of infinite possibilities, and as I connect with the ideal with my thoughts and feelings, the ideal is made manifest. It's the way it works.

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