Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What Is the Secret?

The book and film "The Secret" have already become widely known in our culture. Everywhere I go, I see "The Secret" on bookshelves (including my own!) or I see people on planes reading it or I hear people talking about it. It's made quite a sensation, and yet some people still haven't watched the DVD or read the book and they want the very brief summation. What is the secret?

Of course, I don't want to keep people from reading the book, in fact, I encourage people to read it. Copies are available in our own church bookstore. And to learn how it works and to ponder some specific examples of how it has worked, one should definitely read the book or watch the film. But in a nutshell, the secret is really just the law of attraction.

People who read the bible will discover that the secret isn't really a secret...we all know that "whatever a person sows, that shall he or she also reap." All church goers have heard "if you sow the wind, you'll reap the whirlwind." We've all heard and quoted the proverb, "as we think in our hearts, so are we." We sometimes act as if we are powerless victims of circumstance, but the truth is that we attract much of what happens to us and if we don't like our conditions, we can attract or create different conditions. Even when something seemingly random occurs, we remain in control of how we will respond to it, and the choices we make can make all the difference.

The "Secret" is the law of attraction. It has also been called Divine Science. It has been called the Word of Faith. It has been called the Science of Mind. It has been called New Thought. It has been called the Power of Positive Thinking. Now some people are calling it the Secret. But its not really a secret, its the ancient wisdom that's always been available to us. We are powerful. We are part of an intelligent, living, powerful Universe. Our thoughts and feelings produce results and when we change our thinking we change our lives. We can attract and manifest more happiness, more peace, more fulfillment, more hope, more harmony, and more success in our lives. The secret is to declare it, to believe it, and to allow it. Fear, anxiety, and defeatist speech can rob us of our Good, but optimism, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes will attract our Good. We can attract our Good, so let's begin to do so now.

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