Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Simple Prayer

The Energy of Life expresses as me. I am one with the infinite Source of Being. I am a particular point of awareness within the Eternal All. Knowing my Truth and my sacred value, I now declare with confidence and with joyful expectation that my Good is at hand. I expect, express, and experience perfect health, opulent prosperity, true happiness, harmonious relationships, and fantastic success right here, right now. It's All Good. It's all God. It's all mine now. What I want for myself I want for all, and what I want already exists in the field of all possibilities and it is mine to have and enjoy. I receive my good gladly and I share my good joyously. As I live the abundant life, I am a testimony to all people that dreams can come true and that life is meant to be happy and worthwhile. I know my truth and I choose to express it with gladness and gratitude; and so it is!

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