Sunday, August 19, 2007


In the 13th chapter of Luke's gospel, Jesus heals a woman who had been unable to stand tall for 18 years. That was our gospel reading this morning in church, and it inspired our opening prayer that I wrote. It is as follows:

Eternal Principle of Life,
You are the Source and Substance of all that is, seen and unseen. You are perfect, whole, and complete, and you are the divine Reality that expresses in, through, and as our lives. You are the reason for indomitable hope, and you are the truth of our being.

So how is it that we could ever allow ourselves to be weighed down and bent over with fear, shame, or regret? But sometimes, we need to be reminded of our wholeness.
Lord have mercy.

We need to be encouraged to believe, to accept, and to celebrate that we are indeed a perfect idea within the mind of God.
Christ have mercy.

We forget the Truth of our wholeness and believe the lie that we are somehow separated from you and from our Good.
Lord have mercy.

Infinite One with which we are one, let us embrace our healing today, however it may be needed, so that we may live in the assurance that our Good is even now at hand; we affirm this truth in the name and in the power of the living and life-giving Christ within. Amen.

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