Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Power of Decision

"When you make a decision, it will be carried out and light will shine on your ways." - Job 22.28, Holman Christian Standard Bible

*Glenn Cunningham was badly burned as a child. His legs were so injured and scarred from a schoolhouse fire that doctors said he would never walk again. In fact, they recommended amputation! Luckily, his mother refused the surgery and since he was only 8 years old, he hadn't learned yet to not trust his own spirit and imagination. So, he simply disagreed with the doctors' grim prognosis and decided that he would walk again.

Glenn's mother reported that his efforts caused him tremendous pain, but he didn't give up. He would pull himself up by holding onto something and mentally will himself to take a step. It was painful, but he managed, and then he would take another step. After a while, his damaged legs regained their walking power and Glenn was free of the wheelchair that doctors thought would be his only means of mobility for the rest of his life.

Having learned (against all odds) to walk again, Glenn decided that he would become a runner (why stop with one miracle?). And, in the 1930s he competed in the Olympics and was honored as a world class athlete.

It took effort and time and it was at first difficult, but Glenn was able to do what experts said could not be done. He decided that it was possible to walk again and once he made up his mind that something was possible, it turned out to be true.

Once we decide that something is possible, or that we deserve success, or that we are smart enough or good enough or strong enough to accomplish something, we have actually initiated the process that can lead to miracles. The decision may be followed by hard work, pain, or a long wait, but the decision is actually the first step that can lead to fulfillment of a dream.

What amazing goal or wish do we dare conjure today? Once we have it in mind, we then can decide that it is possible for us, and at that moment we are already on our way to turning the possibility into an actuality. When we truly decide that something is possible, we have unleashed the magic and wonderful results are surely on the way!


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