Monday, August 13, 2007

Work, Pray, Think, and Believe

"Four things for success: work and pray, think and believe." - Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale, a graduate of the School of Theology at Boston University, was a political conservative, but his religious views were progressive. He blended psychology with religion and taught that a positive understanding and application of Christianity could yield tangible results, such as improved health or success in business. He lived and demonstrated what he taught and many people have been influenced by his work.

Peale's simple, common sense still appeals to those who read his work and people are still applying his simple wisdom and finding that it still works. His four part formula for success is a good example: work, pray, think, and believe.

If we work toward our goals, we'll be more likely to achieve them, and even if we fail we won't have the added regret of knowing we didn't at least try.

Prayer relieves anxiety, keeps us from feeling helpless, renews our hope and connects us with a higher Power which can help us achieve our goals. Prayer can change the one praying enough that he or she can then become the answer to her or his own prayers.

Thoughts are the foundation for everything. Every invention, discovery, and creative work of genius began as a simple idea. Every person who overcame adversity to achieve success told himself or herself at some point that victory was possible. Thoughts can give us the extra advantage we need or sabotage us from the beginning. Emerson said we are what we think about all day, and experience shows this to be true.

Believe...if we work for our goals, thinking they are possible and praying for wisdom, guidance, strength or patience to achieve them, then we can certainly believe that accomplishment is at hand. If we will work for a thing, think about it in positive ways, pray for it, and beleive in it, then it will most often, in some fashion come to pass. Work, pray, think and believe remains the formula for success.

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